A Illa de Arousa

A Illa de Arousa eis located in the middle of the Ría de Arosa, at a privileged area that conferes its peculiar geography and climate. It´s the youngest council in Galicia, since it became independent of Vilanova IN 1996. It´s approsimately area is 7 km.2, but hardly two of them area habitated, because the reminder surface is protected. It´s geography, mentioned before, is mild as the North wind has constantly eroded its higher lands.

From different places at Illa de Arousa we can descry one of the two borders of the Ría de Arosa, though it´s only joint to the Valle del Salnés by a bridge 2 km. long., the biggest in the World with these characteristics, and this has given more life quality to the 5.000 inhabitants, without stop being an oasis of peace and beauty in the middle of Atlántico.

Resides the beaches, Illa de Arousa has special natural places at Ria de Arosa and Galicia.

Illa de Arousa