Sale of mussels of the Ría de Arousa

The mussel is one of the best bivalves so its nutritional value as for its price. It is one of the most purifier bivalves, it being capable of filter ½ l. water per hour. This is the reason which it accumulates a lot of phytoplankton and organical substances. The Mytilus galloprovincialis, that is the scientific name, Abound most of all in surface waters at coastal and subcoastal.

Mussel is rich about proteins, calcium and minerals, over all iron, selenium and zinc. In Galicia, mussel is growed up in floating exploitations, the characteristic flatbottomed boats, which abound specially at Ría de Arousa.

The proceeding is always the same: the seed is picked up from the collecting strings or from the natural banks (beated by the sea rocks in the coast), and this is put around the strings with a nylon mesh so it cannot loosen. One year later it is harvested using mechanized ships with adapted cranes.