Sale of seafood debugged in A Illa de Arousa




Always offering the best seafood from Galicia

Aurelio Silva, S.A. is a bivalve purifyng enterprise placed at Illa de Arousa which has been working for thirty years in this area.

From the beginning Aurelio Silva, S.A. bussiness has always been the sale of purifyng seafood, serving large wholesale markets. First, so we are talking about the third generation of a the company, it was atended the demand from inland Spain, where the products need to be boiled in order to arrive in good conditions because of the precarious means of trasnsport.

Nowadays, in a few hours, the products places at Italian or French markets, after have carried out the Standard that rules the purifyng and set ready.

We are linked with the protected designation of origin mussel


The harshness to fulfil all the previous requirements before ,selling the seafoodclam, mussel y cockle – is exactly what has bought the last thirty years the reputation of Aurelio Silva S.A. so a serious and engaged company, as a reference of well done work.


To achieve that our customers are highly satisfied, is the result of our experience and dedication during years. To attain this aim, we went on adaptating our installments all this time, so our product arrive to the markets in the very best conditions.


The transport of our products to national and international markets is by means of refrigerator lorries. Some products, such as mussels, go covered with an ice covering in order to improve the trasnport. This is the reason because we installed our own ice factory.